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Leon Loughridge Ascension Framed Woodblock Print

Leon Loughridge Ascension Framed Woodblock Print

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Modern Bungalow is privileged to feature Leon Loughridge, a Denver artist best known for his reduction wood block prints.

These prints result from a laborious process starting with a single block of wood. The artist carves the first "layer" of the image, and prints the first color of the piece. Then he re-carves the second image into the remainder of the same block, applies the second color and prints over the first image, and so forth. For a seven-color print, the artist must carve and print the same block seven times and match perfectly to the right area on the original work each time, ending with the smallest reduction of the original block.

This results in a beautifully layered piece which can never be exactly reproduced. Each piece is signed and numbered within the edition of the work.

For more information on Leon Loughridge and to see our curated collection of his work, visit the collection page here:

Meet the Maker

We love that Leon Loughridge is our own Denver artist! His technique is incredible to watch, and he's even demonstrated in our store to his and our fans.

Leon's reduction woodblock prints are made with his signature layering of colors to capture the beauty of plein air excursions. For art buyers and collectors, this technique ensures that even the most successful printed edition cannot be extended by later impressions.

Born and raised in New Mexico, Leon had an early introduction to art through his grandmother's dinner parties which included many local artists. Much of Loughridge's subject matter reflects the landscapes of the West and Southwest where he was born and raised.

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