Essential Guide to Table Leg Styles: Choosing the perfect match for your furniture

For those looking for a leg up when it comes to the base of their table.

Essential Guide to Table Legs
We put a lot of thought into what our tabletops look like - their shape, material, and finishing. We also carefully choose the seating options surrounding these tables. But how much do we think about or even know what’s going on underneath?

Why Table Leg Styles Matter in Furniture Design

Your furniture isn't just a functional piece. It's a reflection of your style and taste. The choice of table leg style can significantly impact both the aesthetics and functionality of your furniture. It also plays a role in how much the table will cost. 

As a general rule, the more wood that is used in the table base, the more it will cost.

Understanding the Basics

Table legs aren't just structural support; they contribute significantly to the visual appeal of your furniture. Whether you're aiming for a minimalist look or a vintage charm, the choice of table leg style can influence your design aesthetics.

Functionality is also important. Different table leg styles can affect the stability, balance, and everyday use of your furniture. Our goal is to help you make choices that ensure a beautiful and practical piece.

Popular Table Leg Styles

Tried and True: Straight Table Legs

Straight table legs are exactly as they sound and likely the kind we tend to think of first. These legs are straight up and down, affixed to each of the table’s four corners, with few, if any, curves and enhancements. The minimalist design makes the table more affordable and extremely versatile blending with everything from craftsman and mission to modern and contemporary.

Sleek and Minimalist: Metal Table Legs

Ironwood Trestle Table

Metal table legs are the epitome of minimalist and contemporary design. Whether straight, angled, or curved, they have become incredibly popular for their elegance and versatility. Perfect for chic, contemporary and modern interiors.

Timeless Elegance: Tapered Table Legs

Shenandoah Leg Table

Tapered table legs offer a classic and timeless appeal. Their gradual narrowing from top to bottom adds sophistication to any piece. This style can be executed with round or rectangular legs.

Graceful Curves: Queen Anne Table Legs

Crawford Double Pedestal Table

Queen Anne table legs are all about curves and grace. These legs add an elegant touch, sloping outwards at the top before curving back inwards at the bottom often ending with a flared foot. They work well with both traditional and contemporary styles of tables and furniture.

Rustic Charm: Turned Table Legs

Custom Dining Table

Turned table legs bring rustic charm to your furniture. These legs, with their intricate, lathe-turned designs, are perfect for adding a cozy feel to your space. Often used in farmhouse and cottage-style decor.

Space Age Appeal: Starburst Table Legs

Jefferson Round Table

Starburst table legs are a mid century enthusiasts dream. These legs are fixed to the bottom of a table at an angle offering equal support and eye catching design. Perfect for the nostalgia enthusiast.

Choosing the Right Table Leg Style

So how do you choose the right style for your furniture?

Factors to Consider

  1. What style and aesthetic do you want to achieve? Table legs have the ability to impact the overall look of the room they are in.
  2. Think about material and durability - solid wood or metal legs are popular choices for sturdiness.
  3. How high is the table? Stability is crucial, ensuring the table is comfortable to sit at and won’t wobble.
  4. What is your budget? Choose options that align with your financial goals.

You can also consider matching table legs to your current design aesthetic with these useful tips:

Thick, Bold Table Legs

Perfect for larger rooms where they are able to ground and center the table. If the room has luxurious and grand accents, you’ll want a table with the same.

Thin, Sleek Table Legs

These have the ability to either blend into the surrounding room or stand out with interesting and unique silhouettes and lines. If the room is already on the darker side, thin table legs are perfect for not darkening the room more by adding large shadows.

Dark-colored Table Legs

Add an air of mysticism, drama and intrigue with darker wood or metal table legs. Dark metal table legs create an industrial edge and pair well with a lighter tabletop.

Light-colored Table Legs

Help to lighten a room by offering a more laid-back vibe often seen in design styles such as mid century, craftsman and even contemporary.

Table Leg Chart

Certain table leg styles complement your dining table, enhancing your dining experience with practical solutions tailored to your needs.

Trestle and pedestal legs allow the most versatility for your dining table with more room for chairs as they don’t hinder leg space around the table. No one is left stradling a corner leg or banging their knees as they get up. Pedestal tables can be less stable as all the support is in the center. However, the bases are typically thick and if the table is larger, there will be two pedestals.

Trestle tables are stable and flexible allowing table extensions to be added easily by simply pulling apart the tabletop.

Four leg tables, such as straight, tapered or turned, are also stable and will typically be more affordable than pedestal and trestle tables which require more wood and time.

Who knew table legs could mean so many choices and decisions to be made? We hope you’ve found this guide helpful. If you’re still struggling to make a decision, the option to fully customize your table by styling your own can be done online or in store. After all, this table has the potential to last generations and we’re here to help make sure you find the perfect table to last!

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