Simply Amish Express Collection

"Idle hands are the devil's workshop"- Proverbs 16:27-29

In order to keep consistent workflow in their workshops, Simply Amish consistently makes a collection of the most popular styles, in the most popular wood and finish configurations. These items are in stock and ready to ship from Amish country to Modern Bungalow on the next truck. We receive a shipment every 2 weeks, so your order can be here in no time!

WPA Posters

WPA posters are a slice of Americana, and a visual throwback to a time when government and art had a closer and more harmonious relationship. These posters were produced originally from 1936 to 1943 by various branches of the WPA. They were commissioned to promote exhibits, community activities, theatrical productions, and other programs. The posters promoting our national parks remain some of our most popular today and have inspired many artists, including our own Colorado artist, Julie Leidel.