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 When was the last time you got exactly what you wanted?

That is the question that occurred to us in 2017 when we found a store in a fading strip mall in Denver. We were blown away not only by the amazing craftsmanship of the fine furniture hiding in this little shop, but the ability to customize to our heart's desire and have incredible craftspeople build whatever we could dream up. 

In today's throwaway world, we were impressed to find a business supporting traditions of sustainable building, like sourcing hardwood from responsibly managed forests and shipping with reusable blankets instead of creating new packaging for every order. These items were truly made to last a lifetime.

We knew instantly that these messages (and the undeniable beauty of the designs) would resonate with today's furniture buyers as well as they did in previous generations. We just had to tell them all about it!

We bought the business, built a new website, got active on social media, and a few years later moved to a beautiful old building in the heart of Denver's most revered historic neighborhood, Washington Park. 

We've been busy ever since delivering hand-crafted beauty and clean, uncomplicated designs that are truly timeless. We love the respite from today's hurry-up world and love sharing it with everyone who walks through our doors.

Whether you’re a period purist or just appreciate the rarity and beauty of hand-made treasures, you’ll love our selection and enjoy spending time in our store. Come see us anytime and feel free to use the chat function to reach out during business hours. We're happy to answer any questions you have.

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Located in Denver, CO come visit us in person today!
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