Craftsman 8x4 Motawi Tile Clock - Oak Decor Schlabaugh

Craftsman 8x4 Motawi Tile Clock - Oak


  • $257.00

Tile Sold Separately. Shop our collection of 4x8 Motawi tiles here!

John and Jane Schlabaugh have designed and built clocks and high end accessory items for over 35 years. The family is active in the Arts and Crafts community and supports the ethos of head, heart and hand with their own inspired designs. This shelf clock is made from solid oak with a dark mission cherry finish.

Requires (1) x AA battery, quartz movement. Motawi Tile inset: 8 inches high x 4 inches wide; can easily switch out tile to customize. Made in the United States.

Dimensions: 14 inches high x 9 inches wide x 6 inches deep.

For more information on Schlabaugh and Sons and to see our curated collection of their work, visit the collection page here:

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