"Every time I go in, there's something new and unique. And things you'd never find at the chain stores. If you haven't been in, treat yourself and go." -Sioux Icenhower, Fort Collins

"This place is amazing. The furniture is beautiful and the rugs are to die for. The staff is pretty friendly too. No hard sales pitch." -Matt Hubbard, Denver

"For years we drove from KS to go to Modern Bungalow. We have shopped here since the opening. Now we are in Denver and have met the new owners. They are nice just like Ed and Kate, the previous owners. We have purchased framed tiles, rugs, furniture, cute bronze animal figures, coasters, framed quotations, table runners, prints, lamps, etc. A fabulous arts and crafts era shop."-Kenya Nolte, Denver

"We purchased our house number sign from Modern Bungalow. We live in Wisconsin. My parents visited the shop while in Denver for a trip. Both via the internet and in the shop the owners were helpful and friendly. The house number sign is gorgeous! I have not seen another like it!" Tracey Jones, Wisconsin

"Love this place. Only place we could find a quality A&C rug big enough for our living room and be able to actually touch it! Internet shopping does not work for rugs, in my opinion. Their pottery artists are so good and varied in style and just the feeling you get walking around the store makes you want to kick back and chill. We bought a mirror and pottery and a lamp, and oh! it was so much fun!! Staff was fantastic."- Kathi Scott, Florida