Collection: Arroyo Craftsman Lighting

Arroyo Craftsman lets you build your own indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures from an array of choices in shapes, glass options, and finishes. The complete line allows you to carry the Craftsman theme throughout the inside and outside of your home.

All Arroyo Craftsman fixtures are handmade in the USA by skilled artisans. These products feature the highest attention to detail and quality. Quintessential to craftsman style, the selections include Mission, Prairie, Bungalow, and other traditional choices of shape and finish.

Intimidated by choices? Don't be! Our designers can help, and we'll even work with you over the phone or by email with photos.

We love Arroyo Craftsman products because their selection of choices and quality riveted construction complement our selection of furniture, carpets, and tile with beauty and flexibility.

The raw and patinated metal finishes are the result of an intensive three day oxidation process. This results in a complex and naturally aged appearance. The actual patterns and coloration of these metal finishes may vary from the images shown and may vary from product to product due to the nature of the product and the hand-finishing. In other words, every piece is unique and no two finishes are exactly the same. They will also darken with age beautifully with weathering. Powder coated finishes are another option which add are durability and consistency.

Additional oxidation may occur on lacquered finishes over time as the water-based lacquer dissipates. The process will vary greatly depending on the environment and may be slowed by periodically applying a wax to the surface.

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