Modern Living Room

When deciding on furniture for you space, do not be afraid to be bold! Take this living room for example. The matching 3 seat sofa and loveseat from the Pavia Sofa Group bring the eye center stage, wowing your guests with its rich coloring. The Malibu Round Coffee Table and Malibu End Table bring a fun functionality to the room with circular shapes and metal bases. Add in the Rambling Rose Ebony Rug to accent the cool colors of the sofas, while bringing in a splash of warmth that pulls in the wood of the tables. The Scottsdale Ceiling Mount makes a great addition and truly lights up the room. Bring all these pieces together and you have a bold, beautiful living room! 

Modern Living Room

Pavia Sofa GroupRambling Rose Ebony RugMalibu Round Coffee Table, Malibu End TableScottsdale Ceiling Mount

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