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The Japanese Influence on Mission Style

According to Edward Morse’s book Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings, a book famed architect Charles Greene owned, the Japanese style is “simple without being crude. Austere without being severe. Refinement that gives spiritual joy.”

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Fall Favorites

Delightful warm decor for your table, bookshelves and walls! Product links below image. Gypsophilia Dinner Napkins Art Nouveau Dragonfly Print Blown Glass Pumpkin Motawi Skylight Tile Reading Bear Bookends

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What is the Morris Chair?

What is a Morris Chair?

The Morris Chair is the original recliner (more on its history below). Each has a few distinctive elements:

  • Both a seat and back cushion,
  • Moderately high exposed wooden armrests and sides
  • "Reclines" by moving pegs into holes or notches on the back of the chair

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Fall 2021 Must Haves In Stock!

Beautiful glass pumpkins, seasonal dinner napkins, pottery and a fall Motawi tile are just the pieces to complete your home's fall look.

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Our Most Popular Hardwoods: Maple, Oak, and Cherry

Almost any type of wood can be used to build furniture, but hardwoods are favored for both their beauty and durability. Oak wood, cherry wood and maple wood have a natural character  that just can't be matched by any synthetic materials. Plus, with sustainable harvesting it's extremely eco-friendly. That's why these are our most popular choices for lifetime-quality furniture. What exactly is hardwood? It is wood that comes from a dicot tree which has broad leaves, produces either a fruit or nut, and often drops its leaves and goes dormant in the winter. Hardwood trees growing in the United States include oak,...

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