Get to Know Traditions Linens

Traditions Linens, now known as TL at Home, has been handcrafting and distributing high quality linens treasured by designers and homeowners and backed by impeccable customer service for over 40 years.

Whether you’ve heard of them and had a chance to experience their heavenly collection or not, it’s time to get to know Traditions Linens a little better.

This guide will give you information about who they are, what they make and why you should check out Modern Bungalow’s growing collection of their products and coverlets sold online and in store.

Who is Traditions Linens and what do they sell?

Founded by Pamela Kline in 1972, the business has been owned and operated by the Kline family for over 40 years. Still in its original location of Claverack, New York, today their focus is wholesale.

They produce and import luxury linens that include blankets, sheets, towels, duvets, coverlets and much more. The production of decorative top of the bed linens in upstate New York is done by skilled craftswomen - local women earning a good wage. Their linens are widely used in hospitality settings all over the world - a testament to their longevity, durability and luxuriousness.

If looking to build your own collection, most items are made to order for maximum customization and individualization by layering patterns, textures and color based on your preferences.

What is a Coverlet?

A coverlet is larger than a blanket but smaller than a bedspread. When laid across the bed, it will cover the sides to the dust ruffle but will not reach the floor. The coverlet size makes it more versatile and able to be easily stored when not in use.

It is made from fabric woven with an interesting pattern or design on a jacquard loom (more on what that is below) and is typically the last layer placed over the bed.

Couture Tradition Linens

Coverlets made by Traditions Linens are stone washed - a process of washing that gives linens a casual look. Maximum shrinkage has already happened allowing its owner to wash and dry it over and over again without changing shape.

Why should I get a coverlet?

Coverlets are both decorative and practical. They’re useful in the wintertime between the duvet cover and your sheets for a little added weight and heat. They also act as a light blanket during the warmer summer months when the duvet is not needed.

As for decorative, they add a more finished and inviting look. The texture of a coverlet is typically different than the other pieces on your bed making it stand out. You can also play with the layering either over or under your duvet cover - it’s entirely up to you. Have fun with it...adding this extra piece of bedding means you can change things up in your room without having to get something new every time!

Check out Modern Bungalow’s coverlet collection here.

What is a jacquard loom?

A device fitted to a power loom that simplifies the process of making textiles (or coverlets mentioned above) as it allows for complex patterns to be created.

Invented in the early 1800s, it was the first loom to use a chain of punched cards that would instruct a machine to perform automated tasks. Even though Joseph Jacquard, a French weaver and merchant, didn’t live to see it, his idea of using these punched cards to help automate machines would pave the way for the invention of computers.

Herman Hollerith, founder of the Tabulating Machine Company, used Jacquard’s ideas to help him invent his tabulating machine. In 1924 his company was renamed IBM.

Today’s jacquard looms use a scanned image in a pixelated form to help the machine create instructions of what design and pattern to create when weaving the fabric into a usable format.

What is the difference between Traditions Linens’ sateen and percale sheets?

It comes down to how the weft thread is woven over the warp thread. One over, one under. Two (or more) over, one under. Have we lost you yet? For the sake of confusing those reading this, here’s what you really need to know:

Sateen has a smooth sheen, lustrous feel, is thicker and more tightly woven. This creates fabric that is softer and warmer to the touch making it perfect for the colder winter months.

Percale is crisp, cool and highly breathable because the weave isn’t quite as tight. These sheets are perfect for summertime or warmer climates.

Modern Bungalow sells both types of Traditions Linens sheets.

Why should I invest in Traditions Linens?

Because that timeless, classic design is always in style. Having multiple pieces that you can change up and layer and feeling a sense of pride and joy in the linens that cover your furniture is something that rewards those willing to invest in something long lasting.

Traditions Linens defines itself as producing luxurious linens for real living. Which is exactly why we are proud to sell them at Modern Bungalow!

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