Who still cares about Buy it For Life?

Much like those big milestones of landing the perfect job, finishing grad school, marriage, having kids or buying a home, furniture purchases are also a testament to your state in life.

There’s nothing wrong with the ‘put it together yourself’ and ‘use it only as long as necessary’ phase of our younger years. For many it’s a rite of passage and absolutely necessary to even begin to understand and appreciate the next step where the ‘buy it for life’, or as it has come to be known BIFL, ideology starts making sense.

Modern Bungalow is proud to be in good company with brands that still offer lifetime warranties. We don’t live in the ‘get rid of it when it falls apart’ phase. We repair it or replace it. It’s that simple and that valuable.

A few brands are still out there in 2020 that agree with us and our Amish friends:

So what are the benefits really? What do you gain when you move from ‘buy it for now’ to ‘buy it for life’?

Save Money

You will save money in the long run. Trust us, it’s not counter-intuitive. The purchase price up front might be more, but ultimately you will save. Think about all of the foreign-made, flat-packed, self-assembled dressers, tables, nightstands, bed frames and whatever else you’ve already gone through in your lifetime. If you add up the cost of all those pieces plus all the future pieces you’d have to keep buying by sticking with a lower quality/cost option, it would easily exceed the cost of well-made, long lasting furniture that stands the test of time no matter how much it gets used.

Help the Environment

We’re talking about sustainability. BIFL furniture is not made to be tossed in a landfill when the original buyer is done with it. Rather it gets passed on to another generation or resold to someone else looking for high quality, durable furniture. It holds its resale value making the options for transitioning into something else of equal craftsmanship and price easier to do.

The hand-crafted Amish furniture we sell at Modern Bungalow is also made and shipped using environmentally sound practices. The environment and its sustainability is considered all the way from the sourcing of the wood to the packaging and delivery method used in shipping the final piece to your home.


Another benefit to buying expertly crafted products meant to last a lifetime is that they come with a lifetime warranty. It’s an entirely different kind of craftsmanship when a builder knows that the thing he’s making must last a lifetime. At Simply Amish, warranty repairs are sent when possible to the person who built the piece to begin with. If you were a builder and knew that was the process, how would it change your attention to detail?

One last thing - think through your decision criteria before you buy (for life).

If you’re spending hard-earned money on furniture that will be with you forever, it makes sense to carefully think through what exactly you want before you buy it.

If you aren’t sure where to start or are curious to hear about the many decisions that go into choosing exceptionally well-made Amish furniture, we’ve put together an Amish Furniture Buyer’s Guide to walk you through the process.

Feel free to chat with us online or stop by our store for more guidance and advice on what we sell and the lifetime guarantees backing our products!

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