Introducing our Design Partnership with Toni Palmer Designs!

Toni Palmer and Alex Orkow have been designing in Denver for over 30 years, and cover the spectrum from classic to contemporary in the most tasteful and stylish way. After working with them on some Modern Bungalow customer projects and being wowed by their skill, we decided we had to find a way to offer this level of style to all of our customers. 

So we're thrilled to announce that we'll be working with Toni on bringing a little more style to your favorite store, and helping you with your design needs. So if you schedule a design consultation with us to help you pick your Modern Bungalow furniture, it will be Toni who visits your home and helps you figure everything out.

Check out her website at, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the fun collaboration happening where we are posting room ideas weekly with all our favorite furniture, rugs, lighting and more. 

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