Our Buying Guide to Purchasing Outdoor Furniture That You'll Love!

Is it possible to buy patio furniture that lasts a lifetime? What outdoor furniture holds up the best against everything the great outdoors throws its way without fading, cracking, smelling like mildew or simply falling apart after only a few years?

The material used in our outdoor patio furniture is made from recycled plastics and fabricated by our Amish builders into beautiful and sustainable outdoor furniture. Whether you’ve heard of this type of furniture or not, we're here to help you learn why we’re so excited about it and should be considered when buying outdoor furniture! Made from fully recycled materials, it is used to make pieces that are attractive, high-end, durable, comfortable, weather resistant and maintenance-free.

Ready to make your outdoor space the envy of the block? Read on to learn more!

What is recycled poly patio furniture?

Arguably the most durable all-weather outdoor and patio furniture pieces, recycled poly furniture is made with 99% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) - also known as the plastic from milk jugs, detergent bottles and bottle caps thrown into the recycling bin. The recycled HDPE is mixed with foaming agents and colorants which are then pressed into boards that emulate the look of wood.

Because HDPE is infinitely recyclable, buying furniture made from it is a great way to do your part in helping the environment. There is no demand on wood and it’s made to last; meaning it won’t be thrown to the curb in a few years like previous patio sets that start looking shoddy over time.

Why choose recycled poly over other types of outdoor patio furniture?

Outdoor patio furniture is made from a number of materials. And, if you’re like most, you’ve probably had experience with at least a few different types that were eventually disposed of for reasons like falling apart or requiring too much maintenance.

What you decide to put in your outdoor space comes down to how you want to enjoy it. Some might want the raw, graceful and rustic look of weathered wood and don’t mind the maintenance that goes along with it. Others prefer easy, bright, durable, and high quality - which means recycled poly is the way to go.

So if durability is the most important thing to consider when buying outdoor furniture for you, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a chart to give you an idea of the benefits of each type when you’re ready to buy patio furniture.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Comparison Chart

Recycled Poly

Wrought Iron

Wood (Teak, Cedar, rattan, etc)





Water Resistant

✔ (with treatments)

✔(depends on fill material)

Rust Resistant


Fade Resistant


Wind Resistant


















Level of Maintenance







While each type listed has benefits, at Modern Bungalow we choose to sell recycled poly outdoor furniture sets because it is the only one we are comfortable guaranteeing will not only last but look good while doing so.

You may pay more for recycled poly up front, but you will save over time. Think about how many pieces of patio furniture you’ve already had in your lifetime. If you consider that an investment in poly wood furniture means keeping it for the next 20, 30, or 40 years, the money saved from not purchasing a new set every 5-10 years will definitely add up.

How is poly furniture colored?

Unlike other types of patio furniture that are painted on the surface and will begin to chip as they weather, poly lumber has color that runs all the way through. The light-stable pigments are mixed with UV inhibitors and stabilizers to stop color from fading over time. This also means there will never be a need to stain or repaint your outdoor furniture. No yearly maintenance or upkeep.

Plus, the furniture colors are completely customizable to match your home and outdoor space’s current style and decor.

What else can you do with recycled poly?

High-density plastic lumber can be used for things aside from furniture. This includes fences, decks, garden beds, docks, and playground equipment. Because it is weather-resistant, doesn’t require staining or maintenance, is easy to clean and eco-friendly, it is a great choice for projects that can be affected by all kinds of harsh weather conditions and other natural elements like water and dirt.

How are Amish furniture builders using recycled poly?

It’s no surprise that Amish artisans who build furniture to last are choosing recycled poly as their material of choice for the outdoors. These collections are designed and put together with the same sense of pride and craftsmanship that goes into everything they make.

Made in the familiar Mission and Shaker styles, they are simple and timeless. This means you don’t have to substitute style for durability - you can have both! And because you can be sure each piece is made with fine Amish craftsmanship, the poly outdoor patio furniture you choose is fully customizable to your desired colors and specifications.

At Modern Bungalow you can pick from patio coffee tables, lounge chairs, loveseats, gliders, and swings that won’t fade, splinter, split or crack. And the hardware is made of stainless steel ensuring the furniture will never rust.

Are you ready to invest in Amish-made recycled poly patio furniture?

In case you need more reasons why high quality recycled poly patio furniture is an excellent choice when it comes to your outdoor living space...

  • Maintenance free!
  • Colored to match your home and outdoor space
  • No splinters, always smooth to the touch
  • Made of 99% recycled materials
  • Sun, rain and salt water resistant - can leave out all year
  • UV stabilized (will not fade)
  • Has the look, thickness, weight and feel of real wood, but completely eco-friendly
  • Cleaning recycled poly requires only a soft rag, soap and warm water
  • Virtually indestructible

Check out Modern Bungalow’s collection of recycled poly outdoor furniture. Like all our expertly crafted Amish furniture, should there be any problems due to defects in materials or craftsmanship, our makers will either fix it or replace it.

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