The Truth About Furniture Protection Plans

The Truth About Furniture Protection Plans

Modern Bungalow takes a detour from the ordinary when it comes to offering furniture protection plans. We understand the decision to buy quality furniture can be a significant investment and want to help you feel confident that we and those who build our furniture offer real protection without the need for purchasing extra coverage.

Before explaining why we won’t be upselling you on one, we’ll outline what furniture protection plans are, who they benefit and what they cover.

What is a Furniture Protection Plan?

A furniture protection plan is essentially an extended warranty that provides coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. It is sold as an offering of peace of mind by safeguarding your furniture against various damages that  include accidental stains, rips, tears, and structural damage. Think of it as insurance for your furniture and all the fine print that comes along with it.

Who Benefits from Furniture Protection Plans?

They are sold as a benefit to anyone who wants to safeguard their furniture investment - including homeowners, renters, families with children or pets, and anyone who wants to prolong the lifespan of their furniture. They also benefit the furniture stores and third party insurers who actually provide the coverage.

If you read through reviews of companies who sell these protection plans, the common thread seems to be frustration and disappointment. Customers are often given the runaround before their claims are often denied. Without being able to actually use the coverage when needed, these plans end up being nothing more than pure profit for the retailer.

What Do These Plans Cover?

Furniture protection plans typically cover a wide range of damages, including accidental stains from food and beverages, scratches, punctures, and structural damage. Some plans may also include coverage for mechanical and electrical failures. They tend to pick up where warranties leave off, assuming they are used correctly (meaning, read that fine print!).

Remember when we said they’re insurance for your furniture? This means filing a claim, and all the steps that come after, is a process that often leads to a frustrating experience for the customer.

Are Manufacturer Warranties the Same Thing?

No, manufacturer warranties are not the same as furniture protection plans. Manufacturer warranties typically provide coverage for defects in materials and workmanship for a limited period.

What is Excluded from Coverage?

While furniture protection plans offer comprehensive coverage, there are certain exclusions to be aware of. Common exclusions may include pre-existing damages, normal wear and tear, and damages caused by neglect or misuse.

There’s lots of room for interpretation and fighting for a claim, as one reviewer put it, “may have you actually believing that you willingly punched a hole in your new leather couch.”

How Much Do You Typically Pay for a Protection Plan?

The cost of a furniture protection plan varies depending on factors such as the price of the furniture, the duration of coverage, and the extent of coverage offered. Typically, the cost ranges from a small percentage of the furniture’s purchase price to a fixed fee. 

Who gets that fee? In many cases, the salesperson will receive up to a 20% commission for the sale of a protection plan. As for the rest- while the number varies, the retailer receives a generous kickback for selling these plans that are then passed off to a third party insurer who handles all the claims.

Protection plans are often marketed aggressively to furniture retailers as a way to pad profit margins by tacking on this upsell after the furniture price has been agreed upon.

Does a Furniture Protection Plan Assure Quality?

While the availability of a furniture protection plan might seem like it indicates a commitment to customer satisfaction, it does not assure the quality of the furniture itself.

Furniture sold by Modern Bungalow is built to last using proper woodworking techniques, high quality materials and a genuine care for the customer. Extra coverage, when sold by other furniture retailers, is needed because they are unable to assure the quality of the furniture and/or accessories, know the furniture is not made to last, and/or is covering themselves from liability while making a little extra profit.

What Does Modern Bungalow Offer Instead?

At Modern Bungalow we specialize in selling beautiful furniture that is built to last using timeless woodworking techniques. By offering this to our customers from the start, there is no need for extra coverage.

  • Every item we sell is selected for its quality and we stand behind every maker we work with.
  • If something doesn’t live up to your expectations or standards, all we ask is that you let us know so we can make it right!
  • We provide tips for care on solid wood furniture, rugs, lighting, pottery and accessories.

Overview of Our Furniture Warranties:

  • Solid Wood Furniture
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • If furniture fails during normal household use in the lifetime of the original owner due to problems in either the workmanship or material, the maker will repair or replace it for free
  • Upholstered Sofas, Chairs, Beds
    • 25 year prorated warranty on frames, springs and cushions
    • Sleeper mechanisms - 3 year warranty
    • Fabrics - 1 year warranty
    • Exposed wood parts - 1 year warranty
  • Leather Chairs and Sofas
    • Lifetime warranty on frames
    • Leather - 3 year warranty
    • Sleeper and recliner mechanisms - 3 year warranty

Importance of Making Informed Decisions

When it comes to protecting your furniture investment, making informed decisions is crucial. Take the time to understand warranties and extra coverage and why it matters what type of furniture you choose to buy if you intend for it to last. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t worth it.

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