MB Makers Interview with Scott Draves, founder of Door Pottery

Not only does Modern Bungalow have exclusive Door Pottery vases available in our store now, the founder of Door agreed to answer a few questions for our September feature.

What medium do you work in?

I work exclusively in ceramics or Pottery whether it’s clay vases or pressed tiles.

What’s the most creative and productive time of day?

My most productive time and day is in the morning before noon. If I try to throw in the afternoon I tend to try and rush the vase and it loses its artistic integrity.

What was the pivotal point in your life that you decided to become an artist?

In 1984 I sat down with a cardboard canvas and made an oil painting of Charlie brown and Snoopy. From that point on I knew I was going to create art no matter what else I was doing for a living.

How has your work evolved over the years?

I’ve always like collecting Pottery and love to re-create the Arts and Crafts look. In the last 20 years I’ve been able to use my own interpretations of Arts and Crafts designs instead of copying the masters work.

Is there a piece of pottery that you can’t seem to part with and why?

When I was teaching classes at my old large studio, I was teaching a class about southern pottery. During class I made a southern medicine jar that had twisted handles. I glazed it with a southern chrome red glaze. The crystals were so large and the red was so bright red that I knew I would never give that piece up.

What inspires you?

If you mean other than a day when the fish are really biting, I think having people tell me at shows how much they really like the work that I’m doing. I simply wouldn’t be doing this if I couldn’t hear that. I try to thank them every chance I get.

What piece would you like to be remembered for?

You know that’s probably the hardest question. Between myself and a few others that have worked with me we’ve made an amazing amount of Arts and Crafts vases that I would call “the best piece I’ve ever seen”. I’m a pretty humble person and don’t like to blow my own horn. But if I have to answer the question last month I made a beautiful slip painted vase that had a moon setting over a lake I thought turned out extremely well. Also maybe about 10 years ago I made a 27 inch vase that had trees with Spanish moss hanging from them with a very thick vellum glaze dripping down the length of the pot. Just Beautiful.

Thanks so much Scott! And thank you for allowing Modern Bungalow to carry your amazing work!

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