Bed Buying 101: A Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Bed in 3 Steps

Whether you’re focused on high quality craftsmanship, style, a combination of the two, or something entirely different, it’s hard to know where to start when buying a bed. Especially one that is built to last through thousands of nights of dream-filled slumber.

And it’s why we’ve written this guide.

If you’re buying Amish-made bedroom furniture, you know you’re getting pieces built with care, craftsmanship and durability. But how do you know which style of bed is the right one for you?

Maybe you want your bed to feel like an oasis or retreat from the hustle and bustle; a place of quiet rest and rejuvenation. Maybe you’re buying for your guests and want it to WOW them. Maybe it’s for your kids and just want it to last until they leave the house.

Whatever your reasoning, our simple guide to bed buying will give you what you need to know to be comfortable and confident in your decision!

1. Choose Size of Bed

As you know, beds come in a variety of sizes. Below is a list of standard sizes, but keep in mind there are a number of non-standard sizes that can be customized depending on need.

  • Twin: 38” wide x 75” long
  • Full: 54’ wide x 75” long
  • Queen: 60” wide x 80” long
  • King: 76” wide x 80” long
  • California King: 72” wide x 84” long

When deciding on the size of bed, take into account who will be using it and how it’s being used. Don’t forget to think about pets and little ones that might also be sharing the sleeping space!

Most importantly, make sure the room is a suitable size for the bed you choose. You’ll want at least 22 inches of walking space on each side and base of the bed. 2 to 3 feet is ideal. Keep this in mind especially when furnishing a small space!

2. Choose Style of Bed

What style is your bedroom - Craftsman, Mission, Contemporary? There are certain types of beds that just flow better with specific decor styles than others. While it wouldn’t be unheard of to find a poster bed in a Midcentury-styled room, depending on the shape of posts, it might look a little out of place.

Here are the main styles that Modern Bungalow carries. Take a look and see if one of these fits the look you’re going for.

  • Contemporary - Simple, clean and modern. Not too ornamented and not too plain.
  • Craftsman - Based in the timeless design of Gustav Stickley. Simple, sturdy, useful and beautiful.
  • Farmhouse - Laid back and inviting with distressed finishes and rustic hardware.
  • Midcentury - Space-age meets high quality craftsmanship with sleek lines and subtle curves.
  • Mission - Think flat panels, clean, vertical lines and sturdy quarter-sawn oak construction.
  • Shaker - Tapered legs, clean lines and minimalist design making it practical, simple, timeless and elegant.
  • Traditional - Subtle ornamentation with a substantial feel and just the right amount of curves.

2. Choose Type of Bed

Once you’ve got a bed size and style in mind, you’re finally ready to pick out the bed (and its potential matching pieces).

We’ll highlight the most common types of beds and the style they are most likely to complement. While these are our suggestions, it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment. You never know what perfect fit you might find!

Platform Bed

Sleek and simple in design, platform beds are designed to sit lower to the ground. The mattress is placed directly on top of multiple slats running parallel to the headboard with no need for a box spring or footboard.

Justine panel platform bed

Recommended Styles: Shaker, Contemporary, Midcentury

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Panel Bed

A basic bed option that is timeless, sturdy and beautiful. Headboard and side rails connect to a paneled footboard. Because they are available in a wide array of woods and styles, they work well in almost any bedroom!

Recommended Styles: Contemporary, Craftsman, Farmhouse, Midcentury, Mission, Shaker, Traditional

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Poster Bed

Named for the posts that sit at each of the four corners, they range in height from a few inches to a few feet. You might see them called a four-poster or canopy bed depending on whether the posts are connected along the top by additional beams. The posts can be flat, pencil-like or even curved, giving a look of everything from rustic or regal to clean and simple.

Recommended Styles: Traditional, Shaker, Farmhouse, Midcentury

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Slat Bed

The headboard and footboard (if one exists) are designed and constructed with vertical or horizontal slats. The slat bed is often found in Craftsman and Mission style bedrooms, but can work with a number of others depending on the width and spacing of the slats.

Recommended Styles: Craftsman, Mission, Shaker

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Sleigh Bed

Modeled after the kind of sleigh you’d expect to ride on during a winter holiday, these beds have curved headboards and footboards giving them a more elegant and regal look. They range from ornately designed to simple and sleek. They do tend to take up more space than you’d think, so keep that in mind when visualizing them in your room.

Recommended Styles: Traditional

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Bookcase and Murphy Beds

More non-traditional beds include both bookcase and Murphy beds. Bookcase beds are a perfect combination of form and function with built-in shelves and storage behind and sometimes below the bed.

Recommended Styles: Craftsman, Farmhouse, Shaker

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Murphy beds, sometimes called wall beds, are built to be concealed and save space in a room when not in use. They fold into a panel that conceals them, which might look like a closet, a dresser or even a bookcase.

Recommended Styles: Contemporary, Craftsman, Farmhouse, Midcentury, Shaker, Traditional

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