5 Essential Pieces for Furnishing Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a calming refuge from the demands of the day. Here's everything you need to make it your own. 

 Craftsman bedroom set

Whether you’re starting from scratch or simply in need of a facelift, we’ve put together this handy list to help you decide what you need (and what you might be able to live without) when it comes to furnishing your bedroom.

Before you buy, keep the following items in mind:

Space - Not all rooms will have space for all the items we have listed. Be sure to measure to know for sure. Sometimes less is definitely more, so no need to furnish a small space with everything you can.

Budget - Depending on your budget, getting one thing at a time is perfectly ok! Maybe start with the statement piece (bed) and get the rest as it works for you.

Real Furniture - No more plastics or particleboard. If you’re buying furniture that you want to look good and last, it’s time to buy grown-up furniture!

1) Bed

 The centerpiece. The statement piece. The star of the show.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s something the bedroom can’t live without. And this means more than a mattress on the floor. Your bed should have a frame or platform and maybe even a head or footboard. Don’t forget to take sizing into consideration. Too large of a bed in a small room will mean no space for any other items and will make movement more difficult. The bed’s important, but shouldn’t be the only thing in the room. Check out our Bed Buying Guide to help you pick one that’ll be right for you!

Shaker bed with footboard storage

Crawford Single Panel Bed

2) Dresser or Chest

 Because you need somewhere to put your clothes, space is going to be the determining factor in what type of storage you end up with. Dressers are typically lower and longer whereas chests are higher and more narrow. Dressers can double as a desk if necessary and will often have mirrors hanging above for practical and aesthetic purposes. Mirrors can make a room look larger while reflecting light around the room.

Keep in mind if the room has a closet, and it’s a smaller space, skipping the dresser altogether might make sense. If there’s a walk-in closet, measure to see if a dresser or chest will fit inside for added storage.

Craftsman quarter sawn oak chestShaker dresser

McCoy 9-Drawer Chest                                                           Shaker Dresser


3) Nightstand(s)

 Craftsman bedroom with stained glass headboard

The nightstand is a small piece that serves a large purpose. It’s a place to put necessities like reading glasses, books or cups. Most have drawers or shelves for storing additional items. It’s also a great space to showcase a cute lamp that can be turned on while reading in bed.

Ideally you’ll have two nightstands, framing each side of the bed, but this is an area where you can get away with one if space is an issue. If you’ve opted to forgo the dresser, leaving room for a nightstand or two is a good choice!

4) Chair or Couch

It’s something that adds color or interest to the bedroom. A place to study, read, or relax. If you’ve got the room for it, it’s nice to have somewhere else to sit aside from the bed while.

Some bedrooms have actual sitting areas while others force you to be a little more creative with this added, totally optional, piece of furniture. Luckily we have a number of different comfy chair and sofa choices that are just what you’re looking for!

Round chair and a half

5) Footboard Bench

bed with footboard bench

A footboard bench rests at the foot of the bed offering a place to sit or place items. Many will also have storage options. This is especially useful if you’re placing it in a room where space is a commodity and need somewhere to hide extra blankets, pillows, or whatever you want to keep out of the way.

How to know what you need

 While only you can decide how you’d like to fill your bedroom, if you need somewhere to start we suggest the foundations of where to sleep (a bed) and where to place your things (a dresser, chest or nightstand).

 Once you have those basics covered, you can add in additional pieces like cozy places to sit, a small writing desk, or even somewhere to store lingerie or jewelry. And don’t forget to accessorize with throw pillows, wall art and even wallpaper!

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