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Simply Amish: A Common Heritage

Amish craftsmanship dates back more than 300 years. In that time, while different styles and techniques have been developed, the Amish have remained true to their original core values of keeping things simple, functional, and of the highest quality. The attention to detail and an adherence to tradition has facilitated the ascent of Amish furniture in the world of quality craftsmanship.

And in the world of Amish furniture, Simply Amish stands out above the rest for their inspirational attention to custom details and uncompromising quality. As stated on their website, their Amish furniture is not simply a style, "It's the standard of excellence by which all our solid wood Simply Amish furniture is handcrafted — this standard is desired by many and practiced by a very rare few."

Simply Amish: What Makes the Difference?

Not only is every single piece of Simply Amish furniture made to order, by hand, according to the custom details requested by the individual client, but each piece is guaranteed to feature the details of a Simply Amish piece that let you know that you're looking at one of the finest pieces of furniture available.

Aspen Inlay 4 Leaf Trestle Table - 72W - Modern Bungalow Simply Amish

Aspen Trestle Table with Inlay

So what makes the difference? As Simply Amish puts it, "All furniture is not created equal. At Simply Amish, we pride ourselves on the use of premium-quality hardware, construction techniques, and joinery in the production of all our furniture."

This distinction can be seen clearly in the standard features that you'll find on all Simply Amish pieces:

  • Blum SmartSlides
  • Soft-close hinges
  • High-quality drawer boxes
  • One-piece drawer fronts
  • Luxurious finish
  • Sealed edge grain
  • Dado, dowel, and mortise & tenon joinery

Blum SmartSlides and soft-close hinges

Simply Amish Drawer - Modern Bungalow All drawers - and more specifically the hardware - on Simply Amish pieces must be a match for the heavy-duty quality of solid wood construction. For this reason you'll find heavy-duty slides which allow the drawers to fully extend, giving you full access to the space offered by the drawer. The slides themselves are fully enclosed and mounted from below which allows an unrestricted view of the dovetail construction. Additionally, each slide is equipped with an advance mechanism which stops the drawer just a few inches from the cabinet, finishing with a soft-close, preventing any slamming.

Similar to the SmartSlide drawers, all Simply Amish cabinets feature their titanium finish, soft-close hinges. These concealed, silent hinges provide a noiseless close regardless of how hard the door is closed.

High-quality drawer boxes with one-piece drawer fronts

5/8" thick solid hardwood is a standard feature of all Simply Amish drawers - Maple drawers in furniture constructed in Cherry, Maple, and Walnut and Oak drawers to pair with every other wood species. You can observe the quality built into each drawer box from the dovetailed joints used in the front and back of the main box, and once all pieces are glued together and pressed, the drawer bottom is fixed into a groove to form a captive bottom. To ensure the natural beauty and standard of quality are preserved, a varnish is applied and finished smooth after each drawer is individually sanded.

Shenandoah 7-drawer dresser, Character Cherry from Simply Amish


The drawer fronts, which are also finished and sealed prior to attachment to the drawer box, are all one piece showing no glue lines up to 8 1/2". This ensures each drawer front is a unique, unbroken grain of solid hardwood, adding to the character and life of each individual piece.

Luxurious finish with sealed edge grain

Simply Amish and Seven Northern Hardwoods offer over 100 possible wood and stain combinations from which to choose. In order to protect this highly valuable and personal investment, a post-catalyst varnish is applied to each dining table to ensure its resistance to water, alcohol, and nail polish. To prevent snagging clothes, warping, and cracking, the underside of each dining table is finished and sealed with the end grain sealed with a special sealant. This added step eliminates any moisture transfer and helps to prevent warping in the wood.

Sealed Edge Grain Simply Amish - Modern Bungalow

Dado, dowel, and mortise & tenon joinery

Dado joinery is a process of cutting narrow channels in different directions to form strong butt joints, while also providing additional surface area for superior bonding. This type of joinery ensures a stronger, long-lasting structure.

Simply Amish uses engineered dowels in their casegood frames that absorb glue better, creating structural integrity for the lifetime of each piece. Some screws are used, but only as secondary support.

Used for connecting two pieces, generally at a 90 degree angle, mortise and tenon joinery is one of the simplest and strongest joints used in quality woodworking. Simply Amish uses this process in some of its pieces, using screws only for secondary support.

Mortise and Tenon Simply Amish - Modern Bungalow

Mortise & Tenon joinery from Simply Amish

Simply Amish takes the core values of its craftsmanship to heart and fine-tunes the process to provide some of the finest quality furniture available today. With their standard features on every piece it's possible to see and feel the professional, expert touch that goes into making every piece of Simply Amish furniture unique, beautiful, and built-to-last.

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