Fireplace Design Center

Scroll down to begin your fireplace tile design journey. Learn how to design your own  vintage style fireplace surround for a beautiful focal point for your home. Feel free to ask us questions along the way. Chat us using the live online chat, or just give us a call at 303-300-3332. Take your time, keep it simple, and above all, have fun!

Step 1. Measure Your Fireplace

Determine the size of your canvas. Take a look at the mantel, firebox, hearth and other elements to see what you'll have to work with. Click here for a downloadable template.

Step 2. Choose Your Colors

What colors make your heart sing? What works well together? Find some inspiration in your home and in nature. Click here for details and ideas.

Step 3. Select a Motif

Find some symbols that have meaning to you. Have fun browsing for elements to design your layout around. Click here for inspiration and tips.

Step 4. Create a Layout

Ready to exercise those geometry skills? Have fun! If not, let us do the work. Click here for details and tips.

Need a mantel?

Let us design and build a mantel as part of the project. With movable stocking bar!