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Choose the right leather for your style and your needs! All of our leather choices are top grain so rest easy that your furniture will stand the test of time no matter what your choice. See detailed information about our leather types below the samples. 


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Protected Leathers have a consistent finish that is easily maintained, best for homes with little people or family members who will give the furniture a lot of love and use.

Nubuck Leathers have a natural wrinkled effect with variation in coloring and a velvety feel, while still being durable and consistent over time.

Oil Pull Up Leathers have beautiful natural variation and will show characteristics of the hide such as scars, and wrinkles. They will age beautifully with time, darkening in areas of wear, and showing 'bursts' or lightening on areas where the hide is stretched.

Artisan leathers feature a finish applied by hand to the completed furniture that enhances the beauty of the natural leather on the finished pieces.

Microfiber leathers are produced from hides combined with a top microfiber layer, which is cleanable with soap and water. This combines the ease of fabric with the strength and durability of leather.

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