Warranty and Care

At Modern Bungalow, it's our mission (see what we did there?) to curate a collection of the finest quality in furniture, rugs, lighting, and accessories.

Every item in our store has been selected for its quality, and we stand behind every maker in our shop. We work with local artisans and often have personal relationships with the people who made the items that we sell. If you purchase something from us and it does not live up to your expectations or our standards, we hope you will let us know right away so that we can make it right.

Solid wood furniture:

Wood is a natural material, and has inherent variations which give it the character that we love. It will "breathe", expanding and contracting with normal temperature and humidity changes. For your comfort, and to protect your furniture, use a humidifier or air conditioner to keep your home's relative humidity at around 35%. If you are comfortable, so is your wood furniture. Avoid placing your furniture in front of a heat source such as a register. Some darkening over time is natural, so a brand-new piece may not look exactly like an older one for some period of time.

Allow 30 days for the finish on your new furniture to cure. After this period, care and cleaning are simple. Coasters are not necessary, just wipe up any moisture and clean as normal. Use a trivet for very hot items, and protect or pad surfaces that you use for writing so as not to etch them with pen or pencil.

We recommend Aristo Shield, the preferred protective polish of Simply Amish, for regular cleaning. Aristo Shield dusts, cleans, and helps protect the surface from scratching or marring. It removes smudges and fingerprints. When used routinely, its anti-static additive reduces dust build-up.


With proper care, hand-knotted wool rugs can last a lifetime and beyond.

First, be sure to use a quality rug pad. This relieves the backing of wear, prevents abrasion, and prevents particles from settling inside the backing. Vacuum as normal to keep dust, dirt, and grit out of the rug. Never vacuum the fringes with the beater bar, instead use a brush or hose attachment. Clean spills quickly, and spot clean with a mild solution safe for wool rugs. Rotate the carpet once or twice a year to ensure even wear. Professional cleaning can freshen up the look of the rug every 5 years or so. Modern Bungalow can recommend a cleaner with experience cleaning quality wool carpets.


All of our fixtures are made of top quality materials such as metal, glass, mica and wood, constructed with care to stand the test of time. Stained glass fixtures will often arrive with an oily appearance, due to oils used in the process of making the piece. This can be cleaned with a household cleaner like Windex or 409 without damaging the fixture.

Mica shades must be cleaned with care to avoid snagging the flakes and damaging the mica over time. Our makers recommend using your vacuum cleaner's upholstery attachment to periodically dust the shade, and Formby's oil soap for cleaning the base.


Take care to note whether your art pottery piece from Modern Bungalow is water safe or not. Many art pieces are not meant to hold water, which will damage the glaze. In the case of these pieces, just use a glass vial insert if you'd like to use them to hold flowers.

Other accessory pieces:

With your shipment, we will include information specific to the maker of your handcrafted treasure, to keep it looking great for a lifetime.