Digital Experience and Social Media specialist

Because of our intense customer focus and the handcrafted nature of our products, we have a lot of points of contact for each sale, and high expectations from our customers.

We are looking for someone who is great with written responses & on the phone. You will need an eye for detail and enjoyment of social media to help us out so that we can help our customers and keep growing.

The job:

  • Managing incoming emails to our general mailbox. This means looking up answers to customer questions (#1- when is my order going to be ready?) or finding the answer 
  • Answering the chat on our website, also looking up answers to customer questions as needed and communicating in a friendly and professional manner
  • Following up with customers after their orders have been completed to ensure they are happy, answering any questions they have and sending them a review link
  • Taking photos around the store and posting current and timely updates to Facebook and Instagram, including any photos we receive from customers of our items in their homes that they give us permission to share. 2-3 posts per week.
  • Making a weekly “room idea” image in Canva with items from our catalog that we’d like to feature and sharing the image on several social channels.
  • Other tasks as needed during hours in the store such as packing and shipping out orders, checking in new inventory, printing tags, etc.

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30 AM- 2:30 PM.

Location: 2 days per week in our shop at 1028 S. Gaylord, the remainder may be remote at your discretion.

Pay: $25 per hour


  • A genuine interest in people
  • Tech savvy. Comfortable with computers & Internet interactions. 
  • An active social media presence. 
  • Flexibility, creativity, positivity

About Modern Bungalow:
We are a custom home goods store specializing in quality products for your historic home. 4 years ago my wife and I purchased a sleepy little store, full of amazing furniture and devout customers, which we felt had to be shared with the world! We invested in marketing and good people. Now we are growing fast, moving to Old South Gaylord, and refining our team of rockstars.

We work hard to foster a dynamic and supportive environment, where collaboration is rewarded and successes are shared. We must go beyond customer service to create a customer for life.

We must create a Virtuous Cycle. Virtuous Cycle:

A self replicating pattern of behaviors, Creating, and recreating, a better experience for our employees, customers, & suppliers.

At Modern Bungalow our virtuous cycle starts with you:

We take care of you;
So you will take care of each other;
So that we can take even better care of our customers;
So that our customers come back time and again and tell their friends;
So that we’ll have more revenue;
With which we can do more things for our community.

Software we use: Hubspot, Shopify, Canva, Facebook, Instagram, Slack, Trello. 

When submitting your resume, write a paragraph about an interesting item from our website and why you selected that item.

Apply for this position!

We believe that everyone has a place where they can be their best self. At Modern Bungalow we are looking for a very specific set of skills and personality traits. However, those skills and traits are in no way based on or limited to a specific gender, race, age or orientation.