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Red Oak- Dense, heavy and durable with a pronounced "cathedral" grain. Takes stain well, but shows a pronounced grain pattern in relief.

Maple- Mild color and smooth grain takes stain easily and sands to a buttery finish while not showing pronounced grain patterns. Lightest and least dense of our hardwood selection.

Cherry- Beautiful natural color with variation between inner and outer wood that adds to character as pieces age over time. More dense than maple, but finishes beautifully smooth and takes stain well, in addition to its natural unfinished beauty.

QSWO- Quarter Sawn White Oak. Dramatic graining sometimes called "tiger striping" showcases the craftsmanship of the builder with their selection of particular boards for each area of the piece. Limited stain selection but very popular in Craftsman furniture due to its strength and generational durability.

Walnut- Popular in both classic and modern styles due to its unique coloring. Starts cool and pinkish and weathers to a beautiful natural warm tone that complements any décor. Extremely dense and slow-growing, sustainably harvested walnut is priced at a premium due to limited supplies. We discourage use of stains in order to enjoy the natural beauty of this wood.


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