Delilla Medium Vase - Green

Delilla Medium Vase - Green

Frank Stofan

  • $58.00

This piece of handmade pottery comes from Frank Stofan in Venago, Pennsylvania. Frank Stofan's studio opened in 1998 where he has developed a unique line of ash glazed pottery suited for everyday use and the collector's table. The clay used is fine white stoneware and each piece is hand-thrown on the potter's wheel signed glazed and fired to 2300 degrees. The wood ash glaze is formulated with ashes recycled from the wood stoves of neighbors in the community. The ashes help melt the other elements in the glaze and create the distinctive tree-like effect. Please note, size may vary slightly. Glazed finish.

Dimensions: Approximately 4.25 inches high x 4.75 inches wide.

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