Select a Motif

Now we're really getting to the fun part!

What symbols have meaning to you? What do you find beautiful? What makes you smile? Some examples:

One client has rabbits on his fireplace that represent the bunnies who live in the open space behind the home.

Another client has a honeysuckle vine that reminds her of her Southern home, another preferred the dogwoods that used to grow near hers.

Another client chose morning glories, representing his birth month of September.

We also just love the classic symbols from Craftsman design- ginkgo, oak tree or tree of life, wild rose.

Browse our selection of decorative art tile here. Pay attention to the size of the tiles you like, that will be important when it comes to layout.

Prefer a simpler and more geometric design? No problem! Skip the motif and go with just simple field tiles in an interesting layout, with some edge or corner mouldings.

Decide what you like? Great! Now let's talk layout.