Measure Your Fireplace

Click here to download our template that you'll use to record all of the necessary measurements of your fireplace.

Some tips:

Mantel and firebox first! Be sure that you have the firebox in place before taking measurements. If you replace the firebox, you will either expose or cover tile that wasn't in your plan. If you are planning to replace the mantlebe sure you are working with the measurements of the new mantelpiece.

There's no need to be ultra-precise and measure to the 1/16 of an inch. Grout joints can be varied to accommodate variances in the design, and handcrafted tiles are slightly variable as well. Just round to the nearest 1/2 inch.

When in doubt, round down. We can expand grout joints to fill more room, but it's much tougher to make tiles smaller! We want to minimize the number of tiles needing to be cut- more on that in the layout section.

Think of the flange. Your firebox most likely has a flange, or overhang around the center that will cover some portion of the tile. You want the tile to come right up to this area but not too far under it. Why pay for tile you'll never see?

Got all your measurements? Great! Proceed to pick your colors.