Choose Your Colors

What colors make your heart sing? What colors in your existing decor do you love? Here are some sources:

Your favorite pattern print- a pillow, curtains, duvet

Your living or dining room rug

Colors you find in nature are a classic inspiration for older homes. Explore our guide to Craftsman Color Palettes for ideas.

Do you have a rough idea of what you like? Great! Now browse our glaze selection to choose your color scheme. Keep it simple! 1 main and one accent color is plenty, and a monochrome look is totally classic as well.

Samples- you definitely want to see the glaze in your home, with your light and the surrounding decor. Come by the store and check out samples, or purchase any number of 3x3 tiles online, they are kept in stock for this purpose. Keep in mind that other sizes are glazed to order, and take 6-8 weeks to deliver.


Consider the texture of the glazes and try not to mix glossy with matte. If you choose a mottled glaze, any accents should be matte.

Mottled glazes have a lot of variation from tile to tile, so they're best used for simple layouts.

Got it narrowed down? Great! Now choose some decorative relief tiles.