Summer Reflection - Seasonal Landscape

Keith Rust

  • $1,040.00

The days are long and bathed in brilliant summer light, mixed with wispy clouds before an azure sky. Birds soar across the sky as a warm gentle breeze sways through the sun-lit meadows. The sound of crickets and wings of dragonflies can be heard darting around the tall grass and flowers, as nearby wildlife feed before the ensuing heat. Towering green trees stand dignified and strong, offering the coolness of their shade.

This is number 3 of 4 in the Seasonal Landscape series.

Frame and fillet are custom made from quartersawn white oak.

The presentation of this fine art Giclee print is made using fade-resistant archival-quality colorfast UV-protected inks on premium acid-free canvas, UV resistant matte-finish sealants, and ph neutral adhesives.

Linen wrapped liners available in Seaweed Green, Java Brown or Coal Black.

Available in 4 Sizes:

Medium Print Size: 9 inches x 12 inches. Framed: 16 7/8 inches x 22 3/8 inches

Large Print Size: 15 inches x 20 inches. Framed: 22 5/8 inches x 30 1/8 inches

Extra Large Print Size: 18 inches x 24 inches. Framed: 25 5/8 inches x 34 1/8 inches

Extra Extra Large Print Size: 21 inches x 28 inches. Framed: 28 5/8 inches x 38 1/8 inches