Terra Firma Tile Framed Ginkgo Swag Centerpiece

Framed Ginkgo Swag Centerpiece

  • $2,218

Centerpiece 617 - Ginkgoes - size: 18"h x 28"w

1 pc - D4814 Ginkgo 1 (swag left) with Dragonskin background, Antique Gold stems, Dryad and Trokus Yellow leaves - 4x8
1 pc - D4815 Ginkgo 2 (center left) - 4x8
1 pc - D4816 Ginkgo 3 (center) - 4x8
1 pc - D4817 Ginkgo 4 (center right) - 4x8
1 pc - D4818 Ginkgo 5 (swag right) - 4x8
8 pcs - D2206 - 2” Ginkgo 1 with Dragonskin background, Dryad & Trokus Yellow leaves - 2x2
8 pcs - D2207 - 2” Ginkgo 2 with Dragonskin background, Dryad & Trokus Yellow leaves - 2x2
14 pcs - M1602 - 1” Astragal in Fire Ochre - cut to 1x4
2 pcs - M1602 - 1” Astragal in Fire Ochre - 1x6
4 pcs - MC1023 - 1” Astragal Frame Corner in Fire Ochre - 1x3x3
21 pcs - 1x1 field in Fire Ochre
8 pcs - 2x2 field in Fire Ochre
10 pcs - 1x1 field in Burnished Copper
6 pcs - 2x2 field in Burnished Copper
12 pcs - 1x1 field in Greyfire
5 pcs - 2x2 field in Greyfire
19 pcs - 1x1 field in Fancy Jasper
1 pc - 2x2 field in Fancy Jasper
4 pcs - 2x2 field in Edisto
9 pcs - 1x1 field in Withywindle
11 pcs - 1x1 field in Lichen
4 pcs - 2x2 field in Lichen
4 pcs - 1x1 field in Ferro Bronze

Terra Firma Art tile was founded in 1997 when a husband and wife pair of artists became frustrated with the disappointing discrepancy between the gorgeous textures and glazes in tile installations in Europe and older American homes, and the tile choices on the market today. Since then, they have been bas-relief decorative tile, architectural mouldings, and complementary field tile in traditional ways that show the hand of the craftsman.

These tiles are made from the highest quality stoneware clay, formulated to specifications by Gary and Elizabeth for these tiles. While the glazes are consistent, each batch and each tile will have natural variation, resulting in a refreshingly organic look that only comes with handcrafted tile.

Tiles are handmade for you, so please allow 4-6 weeks for the tile to be made and shipped to you. Shipping is free in the lower 48, please contact us for quotes to Canada or elsewhere. If you just want a sample to try, 4x4 tiles of each glaze color are kept in stock for this purpose, and can ship the day after ordering.

Tiles are always packed extremely carefully using techniques learned over the years. They will arrived tightly packed and double-boxed via UPS Ground. Upon arrival, please inspect your tiles so that you can let us know in the rare event of any damage so that we can replace your tiles if necessary.

Monitor settings may vary, and it's important to know how your tile will look in your home and match with your existing decor.

4x4 tiles are kept in stock for this purpose, so they can ship the day after ordering. Just choose a 4x4 field tile in the glazes that you are interested in, and we will have them shipped out ASAP.

Just click here to order your 4x4 Field Tiles.

Installation Tips

Terra Firma Art tiles are high-fired and frost- proof, rendering them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Most popular are fireplace surrounds, hearths, and backsplashes, but they're also perfectly suitable for bathroom walls and floors and even swimming pools! Certain glossy glazes are less appropriate for floors, please check the question mark next to your glaze choice if you are looking at a floor installation.

Actual tile dimensions are 3/8" thick by approximately 3/16" less than the nominal size, to allow for grout joints. For example, a 4x4 tile will have an actual size of approximately 3-13/16" square. This allows you to create your layout on a grid set up for the nominal tile sizes.

Because of the variability in size, shape, and glaze created in a handcrafted process, Modern Bungalow recommends installation by a professional with experience in handcrafted tile installations. If you live in the Denver area, we'd be happy to provide recommendations for your project.