Rug Pad Better Stay by Karastan

The Basic Rug Pad

  • $199

While a rug pad will keep Accent and Area rugs from slipping, the real benefit is the longevity of the rug. Even in the cleanest home, some grit will work it's way into the rug over the years, and cut the fibers that hold the rug together. A rug pad will let the grit fall through the rug, protecting the fibers and preserving your investment. 

Made from a cellulose coated polyester with acrylic coating, the Better Stay Rug Pad adds cushion, prevents slippage, bunching, and wrinkles while helping to extend the life of your rug. The Better Stay Rug Pad can be easily trimmed to fit any size rug.


  • Cellulose Coated Polyester with Acrylic Coating
  • Easily trimmed with scissors to fit any size

As the only machine-made carpets in Modern Bungalow's curated collection, the Karastan Axminster rugs must meet the high quality standards set by our hand-knotted offerings. These carpets are made in the USA on a 100-year-old loom and incorporate a rich and vibrant color palette. 

Made from the best New Zealand wool, which is naturally resistant to soiling, and warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of 20 years from the original date of purchase.

The styles shown are typically in-stock at Modern Bungalow or Karastan's US warehouse, so they can be delivered in 1-2 weeks. If you'd like a custom size, please contact us. Custom sizes can be delivered in 4-8 weeks. UPS ground shipping is free on all rugs.

If you like a pattern and would like to see it in your home, just purchase a 2'6x4' size and keep it for as long as you like. We will ship in a reusable carton and when you're ready, you can "trade up" and receive full value toward the purchase of a larger carpet.