Fall River Valley

Lorenzo Chavez

  • $3,200.00

Lorenzo Chavez is an internationally known American Southwest artist who has been featured in a multitude of exhibitions and galleries. He was raised in Albuquerque and his affection for the surrounding vicinity and memories of time spent out of doors was a major influence in his decision to become a landscape painter. He graduated with honors from the Colorado Institute of Art and developed fluent techniques in both oil and pastel that earned him many awards and honors from such notable groups as the Pastel Society of America, the American Impressionist Society, Societie de Pastelists France, the CM Russell Auction, and Artist of the West Pioneer Museum. 

Mr. Chavez' work is featured in six galleries in the US, and now you can see it in person at Modern Bungalow!

This oil painting is 20"w x 16"h.

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