Tall Tree Pannel

Beyond Borders

  • $200

Beyond Borders outdoor art is an example of Modern Bungalow supporting Fair Trade artisans outside of the US. Beyond Borders has been working with, and nurturing, Haitian metal artisans for over 15 years. They see real economic improvement and lives bettered through the creation and sharing of their beautiful art. The artisans start with designs inspired by nature and culture. From original cardboard patterns, they trace their designs with chalk on the flattened metal from torn down steel drums. With chisels and hammers, they carefully cut and decorate the metal by hand. Every detail, every leaf vein, every bead is created with the stroke of the artist s hand.

Please note: due to the individual, handcrafted nature of these items, the exact design and size may vary from piece to piece.

These pieces are suitable for indoors or outdoors, where they will patina beautifully with time.

Dimensions (approximate): 22 inches high x 22 inches wide.

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