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What Makes a Bungalow?

This post has been updated. Please click on the link below to be redirected. What Makes a Craftsman Bungalow? History, Color and Furniture Choices

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Famous Craftsman Homes: The Robie House

The first in our famous craftsman home series: Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House is the archetype for Prairie style architecture and the beginning of the craftsman home movement. Incorporating all of the fundamental principles of the arts and crafts movement with inspiration from the expansive plains of the midwest, Wright created an iconic craftsman home that is widely considered one of the greatest builds of the 20th century.

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Architectural Hallmarks of Craftsman Style Homes

An overview and description of the architectural features that make a home a craftsman style home. Expanding on our post about replicating craftsman architecture, we discuss the prominent features found in almost all craftsman homes and give more detail about their function and their history.

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