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Interview with Brian Brace, Roycroft Renaissance Artisan

We are so excited to meet Brian Brace this Sunday and hear about his process. Here's a sneak peek into his mind (and music!). What wood species do you work with?   My main woods that I am now working in are Quartersawn White Oak , Sapele, Walnut, and Cherry.   I am even getting to where we are cutting some of those woods ourselves that grow here in the Asheville area which is a great way to see a piece of furniture from the tree to finish product.  What piece of work would you like to be remembered for? I...

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Architectural Hallmarks of Craftsman Style Homes

An overview and description of the architectural features that make a home a craftsman style home. Expanding on our post about replicating craftsman architecture, we discuss the prominent features found in almost all craftsman homes and give more detail about their function and their history.

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How to Tell Quality Furniture from the Rest

Learn the basics to spotting quality furniture. From used and secondhand to brand new pieces, you'll learn to identify true quality furniture from a few key principles: types of wood for furniture and joint construction. Learn the difference between hardwood and softwood and learn a few extra tips and tricks for really picking out the highest quality furniture for your home.

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