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What Makes a Bungalow?

Congratulations! If you find yourself online today (or very late tonight) doing research on what your new-old home really is and want to know how to love and care for it, you’re in luck! If you haven’t already, you’ll be bitten by a virile little bug that will bring you to great lengths to do your home justice. As Charles E. White, a renowned architect in the Prairie School contemporaneous with Frank Lloyd Wright, said in his 1923 Bungalow Book: [T]he little bungalow attracts all eyes even the eyes of those who, with ample means to carry out their most...

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A Brief History of Amish Furniture

A brief history of Amish furniture including its origins in Europe and its transformation in America. From standouts like Jakob Ammann to the core principles of the Amish lifestyle, we briefly describe the events and the circumstances that resulted in the Amish coming to America and establishing themselves as purveyors of fine, quality crafts.

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Famous Craftsman Homes: The Robie House

The first in our famous craftsman home series: Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House is the archetype for Prairie style architecture and the beginning of the craftsman home movement. Incorporating all of the fundamental principles of the arts and crafts movement with inspiration from the expansive plains of the midwest, Wright created an iconic craftsman home that is widely considered one of the greatest builds of the 20th century.

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