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Oak Wood: A Primer

All about oak wood! A primer from Modern Bungalow with information on oak wood including where it grows and what it's used for today. We also talk about some of oak wood's natural properties like density and durability that contribute to its popularity. We talk about how to care for oak wood and how oak wood cares for itself!

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How to Tell Quality Furniture from the Rest

Learn the basics to spotting quality furniture. From used and secondhand to brand new pieces, you'll learn to identify true quality furniture from a few key principles: types of wood for furniture and joint construction. Learn the difference between hardwood and softwood and learn a few extra tips and tricks for really picking out the highest quality furniture for your home.

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Woods Part 1- A Cherry wood primer

Cherry is one of several popular wood selections here at Modern Bungalow, and many of our customers have questions about how it will age with time, and why to choose it over oak or one of our other featured wood varieties. Here's a little info to help inform what to choose and how to care for your fine wood furniture.  Cherry is a very popular furniture hardwood. It's smooth-grained with a reddish-brown color, and comes from Prunus serotina. Or the American Black Cherry Tree if your Latin is rusty.   While many woods can darken over time, this process can be...

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