Modern Bungalow’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Gift Ideas to Celebrate Friends and Family this Holiday Season

Modern Bungalow’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Gift Ideas to Celebrate Friends and Family this Holiday Season

Find the perfect handcrafted gift this holiday season!

The holidays are a special time to celebrate the people in your life who mean so much to you. Modern Bungalow’s carefully curated collection of products are not only made to last but also fit a wide range of budgets. There’s no reason to settle for a gift that may not be remembered or even kept a year from now. Let Modern Bungalow help you give something truly unique, well-made and sure to be treasured for many years to come.

You can find our 2020 Holiday Gift Collection online now! It may be helpful to sort the list by price to find what you’re most interested in. We are also offering gift wrapping for $8 in your choice of green and gold or blue and silver.

gift wrap options

All items in the 2020 Holiday Gift Collection give the choice of gift wrapping, but if you want to give a gift from another of our collections, simply add in the order notes that you’d like to add gift wrapping in the notes and we will take care of it!

Not sure where to begin? This list of handcrafted holiday gift ideas will get you started. These gifts are not only beautiful and thoughtful, but are made with great care by our trusted list of small businesses we’re fortunate to work with right here in the United States. Who can ask for a better gift than that?

Keith Rust Colorado Four Seasons

1. For the art enthusiast

We’ve got this person covered with our collection of Roycroft Renaissance Artisan Keith Rust’s framed landscape artwork from scenes across America. While his work tends to be a bit more on the masculine side making it a nice gift for the men in your life, it also complements home interiors going for a warm and inviting craftsman feel.

You’ll pay a little more for his work, but will get something that will hang proudly (with plenty of flattering compliments) on your gift recipient’s wall for many, many years.

Julie Leidel Colorado Print

2. For the Colorado lover

If you’re looking for something uniquely Colorado, Julie Leidel’s artwork is a sure win. Another of Modern Bungalow’s featured Roycroft Renaissance Artisans, she paints each piece with the founding principles of quality, beauty and worthwhile life. A majority of her work centers around the breathtaking backdrop of the Centennial State making her prints a lasting treasure for any Colorado lover!

As a bonus, a number of her smaller prints are quite reasonable!

Motawi Christmas Tile Set

3. For the person who seems to have everything

Lucky for you, we’ve got just the thing for that person in your life who deserves something special and unique but you’re just not sure what to get them. Motawi Art Tile is one of our most popular gifts. Handmade at Motawi Tileworks by passionate craftsmen, Modern Bungalow carries a large selection for you to choose from with our well-stocked 3x3 tiles being a wonderful budget-friendly option!

The tiles can be hung by the notch on the back, set on an easel or framed depending on your price point.

If you’re wanting to give something extra-festive, the Tannenbaum or Christmas Tree tiles will bring holiday cheer year after year.

4. For the men in your life

Instead of leaving odds and ends scattered across the top of the dresser - the kind that cause scratches and make it hard to keep it from looking anything but cluttered - why not give the gift of a leather dresser tray to give the contents a more pleasing-to-look-at home?

Our leather dresser trays are made by Mission West Wood’s Jeff Icenhower who is inspired by the excitement people experience when receiving one of his handmade pieces. He believes that if something is considered beautiful it is also inherently useful. We think the men in your life will agree!

Brocade table runner

5. For the person who loves to entertain

Even if this year’s holiday gatherings look a little different than years past with gatherings happening seldomly or not at all, it doesn’t mean this person won’t be able to use a beautiful table runner or set of placemats to decorate their holiday table even if just for their family. Made from heavy duty high quality fabrics they will be used far beyond this holiday season.

These also make fun gifts for yourself (wink, wink) and your own holiday table!

6. For that special woman

Because sometimes you need a gift that’s not only charming, thoughtful and eye-catching but also serves a specific purpose. Our mini jewelry armoires are as beautiful as the pieces she’ll be storing inside of them. Made in the heart of Amish Country, these armoires will blend seamlessly into your home’s stylish decor.


Modern Bungalow wants to help you wrap up 2020 on a high note by spreading some festive cheer for others while not forgetting to save some for yourself. We’re here to help you find the perfect handcrafted gift that will be a reminder of your thoughtfulness and consideration as we celebrate good things to come!

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