Interview with Brian Brace, Roycroft Renaissance Artisan

We were very fortunate to have Brian Brace in our store in 2018! Here's a peek into his mind (and music!).
What wood species do you work with?
My main woods that I am now working in are Quartersawn White Oak, Sapele, Walnut, and Cherry.
I am even getting to where we are cutting some of those woods ourselves that grow here in the Asheville area which is a great way to see a piece of furniture from the tree to finish product.
What piece of work would you like to be remembered for?
I have 3 pieces!  
(1) My designed Arbor Morris Chair (Traditional and Greene and Greene) 
Really hard to come up with a Morris Chair that is your design that will stand out from the rest but also be soothing fit that arts and crafts of the past and also put a modern touch on it that will not go out of style.
(2) Greene and Greene Desk (My newest one!) 
Just love building Greene and Greene because of the challenge to create a piece that is feels like it could float off the floor yet is sturdy. 
(3) Greene and Greene style side chair 
It is based off traditional Greene and Greene pieces but, has an amazing lumbar support and was also featured in Arts and Crafts Home Magazine in 2014.
I have a set of six of them now in an Original Henry Greene Home! 
Is there a piece of furniture you created that you can’t seem to part with (and why)?
I have 2 but they are both the same piece. Greene and Greene dining room chairs - 
The first one was the first one I made that was featured in Arts and Crafts Homes Magazine and then the owners of the last Henry Greene home sat in the chair at the Arts and Crafts Conference at the Grove Park Inn in 2017. They ordered 6 to go around their 1929 Henry Greene designed table!
So I built 7 and the extra is mine forever!  Their chairs are even signed 1 of 7 and mine is the 7th. :) 
What do you listen to when you’re working?
I love music and one of my favorite bands is JJ Grey and Mofro (who just played 2 weeks ago at Red Rocks!) I have been listening to them since 2003 when they were just Mofro. They have had band members come and go and one even went on to play with Greg Allman.
Funny thing is I now know 3 bands that have been formed from them and I have become great friends with all of them! Crazy, I have a favorite band that I now hang, email, text and I promote their shows coming in the area. Also JJ Grey wants furniture from me now and also to look at doing work in his at-home studio in Jacksonville.
JJ Grey and Mofro 
Grey Hounds 
Daryl Hance
Tedeski Trucks Band 
Marcus King Band     
He is From Greenville SC and have followed him since he started a few years ago.
Think he is 21 now and is flat out amazing on guitar (friends with him to and both these bands just played last week at Red Rocks together) 
And then depends on what we are doing ....
Amazing local Radio station - WNCW 88.7
Cleaning or Milling: Face to Face (old school punk from California and they are still playing ) 
Inlay or things that are hard: Classical Music or a 90's alternative station 
That was fun!
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