Get to know Modern Bungalow’s new Interior Designer Alex Regier!

Because we know choices can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to curating the best possible look and feel for your home, we’re super excited to introduce to you Modern Bungalow’s very own in-house Interior Designer! We promised we wouldn’t embarrass her, but wanted to brag about how grateful we are that she joined the team and asked her a few questions to help you all get to know her as well.

What is your role at Modern Bungalow?

I am Modern Bungalow’s new Interior Designer. I am excited to get to know and work with our clients to craft beautiful home interiors.

Can you give us a quick overview of what Design Services is and does?

Design Services is available to answer any questions and provide any service a client may need. We start with a two-hour consultation to be able to scope what is needed, be it paint recommendations, decorating and staging, or customized furniture and rug ordering. Really, Design Services is a more intimate experience for our clients to have confidence in their decisions.

How do you like to work with clients to define their needs?

Defining a client's wants and needs is the most important part of any project. That process is unique to every individual, and it’s important to me for each client to be heard and understood. 

Where do you find inspiration (either inside or outside the interior design world)?

I am inspired by quality work that empowers individuals. Handcrafted and locally made products are one example. What I love most about design is solving problems and making a space perfect for anyone’s needs. 

What drew you to this line of work? We’d love to know more about your journey to where you are now!

I started my education majoring in Architecture at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. The first year of the program educates each discipline in the college (Landscape Architecture, Architecture, and Interior Design) on the basics of design thinking and the differences between them. The emphasis on human scale and interaction made Interior Design and Architecture more appealing to me, being able to work with very tangible design details.

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